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Brown Rose Wood Chef Set Real Damascus Steel Five Knives

Brown Rose Wood Chef Set Real Damascus Steel Five Knives

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Handmade Brown Rose Wood Chef Set Real Damascus Steel.

The set includes 5 Knives and a leather sheath bag

Every knife is meticulously handcrafted, forged from hand-hammered authentic Damascus steel, resulting in an enchanting pattern that is certain to astonish the recipient. The set encompasses a premium bespoke leather sheath bag, thoughtfully included as a gift, ensuring the secure safeguarding of these exquisite knives.

Handle Material: Opulent Rosewood, the handles emanate sophistication while offering a comfortable grip for precise maneuvering.

Total Length: Ranging from 9 to 11.5 inches, these knives strike an impeccable balance between elegance and practicality.

The accompanying hatchet sheath is meticulously fashioned from cowhide, expertly produced in a local tannery using time-honored techniques. This not only amplifies the knives' protection but also introduces a hint of vintage allure.

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